Flat Embroidery vs. 3D Embroidery - What is the Difference?

Flat Embroidery vs. 3D Embroidery - What is the Difference?

Flat embroidery is 2D embroidery and the logo or design is stitched directly onto the surface with thread. Flat embroidery is "flat" and there is no depth. 3D embroidery, sometimes referred to as puff embroidery, uses a foam backing material behind the thread to "puff" the logo or design and make it three dimensional. 3D embroidery may also be referred to as "raised" embroidery, since the logo appears "raised." 3D embroidery has depth and pops out slightly on the material it is stitched on (caps, hats, shirts, etc.).

Flat embroidery is most commonly used and more well-known than 3D embroidery. Sometimes customers may prefer 3D embroidery to make their logo look bigger or stand out. Flat embroidery is best used for traditional logos and more detailed logos or designs and can be suited for logos with multiple colors. 3D embroidery requires the logo or design to consist of fewer, solid colors and overall, simpler designs. 3D embroidery does not work well with small/finer details and thin lines.

Flat embroidery can pickup more details and thin lines than 3D embroidery, but any details extremely small or very thin lines may be subject to distortion or not come out well, since the needle and thread is only capable of stitching so small. Gradient and shading normally do not work well with embroidery and are better suited for screenprinting, heat transfer, or DTG.

Flat Embroidery

Flat Embroidery - sample logo

3D Embroidery

3D embroidery - sample logo


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