Best Blank 7-Panel Caps for Custom Embroidery (Custom 7-Panel Hats)

Best Blank 7-Panel Caps for Custom Embroidery (Custom 7-Panel Hats)

7-Panel caps are trendy caps and a popular hat for all. 7-Panel caps are normally structured hats. 7-Panel caps usually have an adjustable snapback closure and a flat bill or flat visor. 7-Panel caps can be regular snapback hats or trucker style with a mesh back. The front panel material is usually cotton and for mesh back caps, the back mesh material is polyester. 7-Panel caps are called 7-panel caps, since they have 7-panels. A panel is a triangular piece of fabric, which is sewn together to create a cap. For 7-panel caps, the back has 2 panels, the sides each have 1 panel (for a total of 2), and the front has 3 panels.

7-Panel caps are perfect for everyday, casual wear and can be purchased blank or custom embroidered with a logo. Custom logo 7-panel hats are perfect to make your brand, business, or company stand out. They are a cost-effective promotional gift. 7-Panel caps can be easily embroidered or stitched with your logo or design. The trendy 7-Panel caps provide a unique look for any design and stand out when worn.

Popular blank 7-panel hats include the Richardson 168, Decky 1133, Decky 1098, and Otto 172-1298.

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Richardson 168, 7-Panel Trucker Snapback Hat, Flat Bill - 168

Richardson 168, 7-Panel Trucker Hat, Flat Bill Snapback - 168


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