Where are New Era Caps made? Where are New Era Hats manufactured?

Where are New Era Caps made? Where are New Era Hats manufactured?

Most New Era caps and hats are made and manufactured overseas in factories in mostly China and Vietnam. The only New Era caps made in the US (United States) are at New Era's Florida plant (located in Miami-Dade county), which produces MLB on-field caps worn by the Major League Baseball players. The MLB requires the on-field caps to be made in the US per their contract with New Era.

New Era makes more than 65 million hats, caps, and other apparel items and less than 2-3% are manufactured in the US (less than ~1-2 million caps). New Era's former longstanding factory/plant based in Derby, New York closed in early 2018. The New Era Derby plant was responsible for making up to 4 million caps annually, but the majority of that production shifted overseas to the Vietnam and China factories.
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The factories in China, Vietnam and a few other countries (Taiwan and Bangladesh) are independently owned and operated by third parties. New Era does not own these factories and only purchases the hats from these factories.

Based upon data from Panjiva, a leading trade and import data supplier, as of mid 2021, ~80% of shipments for New Era were coming from China (mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau).

New Era hats and caps manufacturing locations and factories


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