Flexfit and Yupoong Technologies Guide

Flexfit and Yupoong Technologies Guide

A guide that includes all of Flexfit's and Yupoong's proprietary technologies used in some of their best selling hat styles.

Visor technology that maintains its proper shape and curve at all times.

Robust, lightweight, and wind/water resistance fibers with a natural shine that emanates strength.

Combines Cool & Dry properties with the premium look and feel of wool fabric.

Cool & Dry
Wicks perspiration away from the body, making sure to stay cool, dry, and refreshed.

Environmentally friendly water repellency without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Stain Block Tech
This patented technology features a 3-layer multifunctional sweatband that effectively absorbs, stores and diffuses sweat to the undervisor where it evaporates.

Flexfit® Tech
Weaves polyurethane spandex throughout the cap's crown for a secure and flexible fit.

Flexfit® Mesh
A revolutionary stretchable mesh that provides ultimate ventilation and comfort

Flexfible Visor
Super lightweight and designed to be bent in any way and still keep its shape.

Hyper Tech
Conquers all of the elements: thermal regulation, Cool & Dry, anti-bacterial, and UV protection.

Hybrid Tech
Combining water repellency and Cool & Dry's moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort.

Unipanel™ Tech
Seamless front panel that provides a smooth uninterrupted canvas for immediate wear or customization.

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