What is a Dad Hat? Dad Hat Guide and Info

What is a Dad Hat? Dad Hat Guide and Info

A dad hat or dad cap is a relaxed, unstructured hat, normally made of cotton material and with an adjustable closure (usually buckle closure or hook and loop). Dad hats are normally 6-panel hats with a lower profile and are decorated (normally via embroidery) with popular branded logos, aphorisms, and more. Dad hats are extremely popular today and a trendy fashion item. Dad hats are not just worn by dads, but also by moms, kids, and everyone. Dad hats are normally unisex hats. With today's leading brands looking to capitalize on any trends as soon as possible, blank dad hats can be purchased for $4-7, a logo can be added (via embroidery/printing) for $3-5 and a finished product can be ready within a few days for $7-10+. These dad caps are resold at $20-25-30 price points offering a nice margin. Brands and businesses utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market and advertise their merchandise.

Dad hats today not only come in the traditional cotton fabric and solid color styles, but also in corduroy fabric, peached cotton, tie-dyed/bright colors, suede, and more.

Who coined the term dad hat? Why are dad hats named dad hats? No one knows for sure why dad hats are called dad hats and where the term came from. The caps may be named since dads would often wear ball caps to their children's sport games or caps while out and about with families or having a fun time. More and more companies in recent years who manufacturer caps use the term "dad hat" or "dad cap" to capitalize on this trend, sell more, and make more money.

Relaxed, Unstructured
Hats can be structured or unstructured. Hat manufacturers will use a material called buckram for structured hats to keep the hat's shape. Buckram is a stiffer cotton/woven material that may be soaked in an agent and then dried. It allows apparel and garment items to keep their intended shape.

Low Profile
A profile refers to the hat's crown or height of the hat. A low profile will have a lower crown and not sit very high on the head as opposed to a higher profile hat such as a snapback or flat bill hat. The low profile will result in small front panels/area on dad hats.

Panels refers to the number of fabric panels required to make a hat or the crown. The fabric panels are joined together at the top of the hat with a button (metal or plastic) and this button is covered by the same hat fabric. 6-panel hats have 6 panels of fabric, while 5-panel hats have 5 panels of fabric. A 6-panel hat has a seam/stitching in the middle, which holds the separate panels together and most dad hats are 6-panel hats.

Buckle Closure
Dad hats normally have an adjustable, buckle closure or a hook and loop closure. The buckle closures are normally made of brass or metal and can be referred to as tri-glide closure or traditional buckle closure that opens and closes.

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